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Every year as time passes by, it seems to me that there are more and more people talking against Valentine’s Day and I even found out on Wikipedia a definition of antivalentinism. The main complaints are about the commercialism and they are criticizing this holiday and think it is just an excuse to spent money on gifts, chocolate, cards, etc.

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But, it is just something that people do on holidays. People like buying gifts and giving presents to the people they love. We could as well charge Christmas with the same offense. That is officially the time of year when most of the people just loose it and turn into a shopaholics!

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On the other hand there are people who think this is the worst and saddest day in the whole world for the singles. Somehow, it is expected from you to have someone, and if you don’t you turn out to be the world’s loser number one. There is some truth in it, and if you’re interested in this subject, you can read more about it and the Singles Awareness Day here.

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That goes for the singles. Now, let’s discus the problem of people that are in a relationship. Most of them feel obligated to do something romantic on that day and make sweet love. Not that I have complaints about that, but it’s kind of strange doing it when you know you SHOULD do it. It’s spoiling all the fun!

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My personal accusation towards Valentine’s Day is that it actually killed all the romance, because a true romantic gesture is spontaneous, wild and it happens just like that without any premeditation. And on this day you have to do something romantic. At the end it all looks a bit sad and deceptive.

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Anyway, putting all that aside, I have to admit that kissing is good! It feels nice, makes you more self-confident, and generally rises your spirit. Therefor, Valentine’s or no Valentine’s Day, go out there and kiss someone, right now!

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