World’s simplest mobile cell phone


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You can’t access the internet. And it doesn’t have a camera or games you can play. In fact, this new mobile phone doesn’t even let you send text messages.
worlds simplest mobile cell phone

The designers of ‘John’s Phone’ have created a device that has only one function: it lets you make calls.
Hailed as the world’s simplest mobile cell phone, it is designed to be a tongue-in-cheek ‘basic backlash’ by targeting users who do not want the flashy features of next-generation models.

john's phone world's simplest mobile wireless cell phone

Dubbed the ‘anti iPhone’, the device with a brightly coloured facade and big buttons resembles a toy. The phone’s Dutch makers, advertising agency John Doe, are hoping it will be a hit with technophobes and children buying their first phone.
The manual is only one page long and, unlike its battery-hungry smartphone counterparts, the makers of ‘John’s Phone’ claim that a single charge will provide users with three weeks’ battery life.

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